Out of work: 15,000 expatriates deported by Kuwait

Out of work: 15,000 expatriates deported by Kuwait
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KUWAIT CITY: Kuwait has deported 15,000 foreigners of different nationalities without any job or income. This is due to the belief that a country with no income will encourage crime. During searches as part of an arrest of illegal residents, the jobless vagrants where found.

Due To Crimes Expatriates were Deported

Many of them were working in temporary positions on the market, or for a few hours at a time. Some were caught in violation of the law, and some engaged in street trading. The majority of deportees are Arab and Asian.

Security forces warned that even though their stay may be legal, they could still be deported and caught if they engage illegal activities. According to the security department, the measure has contributed to a reduction in the imbalance of the labor market.

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