New law in UAE from October 3; Warning, deportation at own expense

New law in UAE from October 3; Warning, deportation at own expense
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ABU DHABI: The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs and Port Authority announced that illegal immigrants will have to pay the deportation costs. This warning is in compliance with the revised Residence and Immigration Act which will be in effect starting October 3.

To remain in the country

In some cases, deportees have the right to remain in the country. This is a chance to find a sponsor who will allow you to stay in the country. This will allow you to stay in the country for up to three months. If an illegal resident is removed, any visa dependents must be accompanied by the deported person. If the expatriation cost is not recoverable, the employer will be responsible.

The federal authority will only bear the costs if that is impossible. If a person is deported and becomes homeless, the Security Centers can take additional steps in the public interest with humanitarian consideration.

Federal authorities must be notified if a person is deported. A law states that deportable persons should not be held in jail for longer than one month. The Federal Public Prosecution will approve their imprisonment. Illegal residents are responsible for all expenses incurred up to the time they leave the country.

4 Deportation Circumstances

People without travel documents – Those who try to enter the country via ship without official documents will be deported first. Visa Expiry – Those who do not leave the country within the specified time limit after their visas or entry permits expire will be deported. The Immigration and Residency Act prohibits you from renewing your visa after the deadline. People who fail to renew their visas within the specified time limit must leave the country.

After serving their sentences, offenders in different cases will be deported. They will be permitted to enter the country, even if their visa validity has expired. Anti-national activities, regardless of their type, will be prohibited from staying in the country. Even comments made on social media could lead to deportation.

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