Thieves in cyberspace too; Cyber ​​Security Council calls for caution

Thieves in cyberspace too; Cyber ​​Security Council calls for caution
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Abu Dhabi- UAE Cyber Security Council urges caution against online frauds. Cyber frauds are common in the digital age. Electronic transactions must be handled with caution.

The Council explained the Cyber Pulse project, which was launched as part of digital awareness strengthening. These can be used by cybercriminals to identify the weaknesses of each one.

Be alert to the online presence of criminals and fraudsters. The Abu Dhabi Digital Authority warns you not to send anonymous messages, links, or attachments.

Do not fall for the trap In Cyber space

  • Do not click on insecure links or websites that are sent via SMS and email claiming fake rewards.
  • These links will not allow you to enter your credit/debit card information, or number.
  • Do not fall for fake job opportunities, job openings, or lotteries promising millions, doubled income, etc. In the name of companies and banks
  • To increase the security of your computer and smartphone, you should regularly update your anti-virus software.
  • Pay attention to the safety instructions on your phone. Avoid downloading apps from unknown sources.
  • Don’t share your personal information with anyone. You should be aware that even cameras can be controlled by programs that you downloaded unknowingly or knowingly.
  • You should immediately inform the police and bank if you suspect that you have been cheated.

Because of the reserve

You should exercise caution when you go online. Hackers can gain control of your computer by responding to fake messages and stealing confidential information. These messages can be used to withdraw funds from an account or send blackmail.

to complain

Abu Dhabi Police Toll Free 800 2626 or SMS 2828

Dubai Police e-Crime Platform. Al Ameen Service 800 4888. Complaints from overseas 9718004888. SMS 4444. My Safe Society Smart App.

Sharjah Public Number 999, Najeed Service 800 151, SMS 7999.

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