Cyber ​​warriors beware; You are under constant surveillance

Cyber ​​warriors beware; You are under constant surveillance
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Dubai: Social media warriors, responders, and sharers are all subject to the UAE’s cyber laws. Every act against them is punishable with a fine of up to lakhs and time in jail. Every interaction on social media is monitored by the cyber security department. Critic, criticism and abuse of social media will result in severe sanctions. You cannot speak for anyone, just as in India. Do not try to hack into someone’s computer by hiding behind a false profile.

This technology can detect which mask is being worn. Cybercrimes are punishable by a maximum of Dh10 lakh (Rs.2.2 crore). You could also be sentenced to jail. It will increase depending on the severity of the offense.

When dealing with cyberspace, it is important to keep these rules in mind:

Publication of material that insults Islam or other recognized religions can result in a 7-year sentence. You could also face a fine of between 2.5 lakh and 10 lakh dirhams. Cyber Act 37 states that any post that is antireligious or causes the blasphemy of another person will be subject to severe penalties.

Social media should not be used to discuss or share matters that are demeaning to children and women. The Cyber Act Sections 32-37 criminalizes dealing with human trafficking, obscene images, videos and other matters that affect public morals. Depending on the severity of the offense, you could be sentenced to one to five years imprisonment or a fine of 2.5 to 10 lakh dirhams.

Cyber Act Section

Matters against government or government departments, against the administration, against the political system of UAE or other countries. Reference to national symbols. Disregarding national symbols. Cyber Act section 20-28 stipulates that these are crimes.

These actions will be taken seriously. These actions carry the maximum punishment. A video or photo shared that is harmful to individuals, violates privacy, or humiliates others will lead to 6 months imprisonment and a fine between 5000 and 5 lakh dirhams. You should not use social media to make reference to the UAE’s cultural heritage, wealth and traditions.

Sharing speculations or fake news can lead to severe punishment. It is forbidden to disclose or suggest confidential information regarding criminal or government investigations. Publication or sharing of advertisements that violate the rights and morals of others is a serious offense. You must obtain legal permission from the appropriate government department if you wish to be an influencer on social networks or pay advertising.

For sharing news material, it is necessary to get approval from the National Media Council. Social media is allowed in the UAE. However, it is important to use social media responsibly. You should not use social media as a weapon against a country, religion, or person. Disciplined actions can lead to severe punishment.

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