Cryptocurrency: UAE; Can The Salary Be Paid Immediately In Cryptocurrency? Expert Opinion Is Known

Crpto Currency: UAE; Can The Salary Be Paid Immediately In Cryptocurrency? Expert Opinion Is Known
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Industry experts say that as virtual assets in the UAE and around the world get more currency, more companies will pay in cryptocurrencies. Digital currencies are already accepted in some countries, while some technology companies pay their employees in cryptocurrencies.

With the establishment of the Dubai Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority, industry executives believe that with this new form of currency, local companies will be able to pay salaries in digital currencies, pay utility bills and buy products.

Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) is the world’s first jurisdiction to introduce a comprehensive and specific regulatory framework for the regulation of spot virtual asset operations. Recently, Dubai announced legislation to establish the Dubai Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority, the Dubai Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority licensed to exchange FTX and finance for virtual assets.
Due to the growing number of digital currencies in the UAE, Emirates Draw and Yottachain International Holdings Limited (DIFC) have signed an agreement allowing crypto owners to participate in the Emirates Draw. The first step is to allow payments in USDT, a well-known and stable token, through a decentralized application (dApp).

Mustafa Kheriba, executive chairman of Yoshi Markets, says the current use for virtual assets will expand and expand, given the wide acceptance of salaries in cryptocurrencies . He added that many countries, such as New Zealand, Japan and the UK, and European countries such as Denmark, pay with cryptocurrencies, but payments in cryptocurrencies are rare. This is due to lack of knowledge, limited avenues of use and fluctuations in some currencies.

Are utility bills paid in crypto in the UAE?

Mustafa Kheriba said digital currency was already being used to pay utility bills in Germany, Romania and New Zealand. Dhanu Digital Coin was recently launched by Dhanu X, a digital exchange (uae digital exchange) in the UAE, which allows its buyers to pay utility and credit bills in India due to the growing popularity of virtual currencies and assets. news summary: crypto currency trading platforms digital currency trading crypto currency account crypto currency trading crpto currency

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