Covid with 298 more in the UAE; 353 Cure

Covid with 298 more in the UAE; 353 Cure
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Abu Dhabi: According to the Ministry of Health and Immunization, 298 people infected by Covid have died in the UAE in the last 24 hours. 353 of those infected have been fully cured. Covid has not been linked to any deaths in the UAE for over two and a quarter months.

Total patients: 9,03,382. Total survivors: 8,87.115 13925 are currently undergoing treatment. Toll of all deaths: 2302. According to authorities, the disease is affecting people from all over the world and they are receiving treatment.

2,08,015 more RT PCR tests 

Officials said that another 2,08,015 RTPCR test were performed in the country. Covid’s health is declining. However, he should still wear a mask and keep his distance from the crowd. Covid should adhere to safety guidelines set forth by health professionals.

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