Covid down in Qatar: Daily count stopped, now weekly report

Covid down in Qatar: Daily count stopped, now weekly report
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Doha: Doha’s Ministry of Public Health has stopped publishing Covid daily figures on its social media accounts. Instead, Covid will publish its weekly report every Monday. The ministry will still publish daily Covid figures on its website. On Mondays, the weekend report will be posted on all ministry social media accounts.

After a drop in Covid positive cases, relief and precautionary measures were eased. Due to the high level of Covid vaccination and the cooperation of the community, the Covid positive rate has decreased. Authorities claimed they were able stop Covid returning to normalcy.

Protect yourself and others

As part of a waiver from the Covid restrictions authorities have removed the requirement that masks be worn in closed places. However, they stated that face masks can still be worn in public and in close quarters with people with chronic diseases, immunodeficiency, and people suffering from Covid symptoms.

Only customer service staff (cashiers, receptionists, security personnel) who work in hospitals, public transport, and closed public places will need to wear face masks starting Saturday.

Events are not subject to prior approval by the Ministry of Health

Doha. Organizers will no longer need permission from the Ministry of Public Health in order to hold events. Events must follow the Covid protocol as prescribed by Ministry of Public Health.

A request for permission to hold an event must also be submitted to the appropriate authority. Covid must provide a detailed plan detailing the preventive and protective measures that will be taken in order to reduce the risk. To ensure that the event is properly executed, a person should be appointed by the organizers. The Ministry of Covid must agree in writing that events will only be held in compliance with preventive or precautionary measures.

In collaboration with the Home Ministry, random inspections will be made to make sure that Covid observes all precautionary measures.

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