Covid concerns again; A few schools to e-learning

Covid concerns again; A few schools to e-learning
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Abu Dhabi: Following reports from Covid to teachers and students, an e-learning center has been established in the UAE. This move is in response to a directive by the Department of Education and Science that made it easier for Covid victims who want to attend online classes from their homes.

Asymptomatic and contact patients can come to school, but they must be closely monitored for seven consecutive working days. If necessary, this group of children may also choose to e-learn. Teachers who are affected by Covid should also be able to enroll in an online course at home.

School authorities and the education department have advised sick students to stay at school. According to school officials, there has been a 10% increase of Covid cases over the last month. If necessary, hybrid study methods can also be used during the Covid period.

Covid stated that teachers and students should return home after a period of 10 days. You can return to school if you have a negative result on 2 consecutive PCR tests. The school requires that you wear masks. Students of Indian and local syllabi are subject to annual examinations. Quartly examinations are also conducted for Indian students. Students who cannot appear for the annual exam will be advised not to do so.

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