Covid 19; Hospital admissions rise in Qatar

covid; Hospital admissions rise in Qatar
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Doha – Covid is causing an increase in hospital admissions. Dr. Soha Al Bayat, Head of Vaccination stated that there has been an increase in covid cases per day and more people entering hospitals as a result of tightening covid precautions.

Yesterday, the hospital was treating 86 patients. 22 people were admitted to the hospital within the last 24 hours. 5,180 people are Covid positive. Yesterday, 680 people were confirmed covid positive.

Since yesterday, masks are now required in all closed public areas. Dr. Soha reminded people to be careful and not to socially disengage during Eid celebrations.

Mask must be used again

Doha: Restaurants require that you wear a mask. Only eat with the mask on. In gymnasiums, masks should not be worn. If you exercise outdoors, masks are not necessary. For all commercial activities, masks are not required.

This applies to employees and customers alike. All areas will be restricted to those who wear masks or have green Ihteras health status. If they fail to follow safety and covid prevention measures, employees and managers of commercial centers will face severe consequences.

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