A goal to the post of Guinness! ; Cormish to break the record

A goal to the post of Guinness! ; Cormish to break the record
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Doha: Lee Cormish from Saskatchewan, Canada is setting a Guinness record as the person who has viewed the most matches of the 22nd FIFA World Cup. Thulani Nkoba holds the Guinness World Record for the most Guinness World Records. He viewed 31 matches during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The final was held on July 11. Kormish will attempt to surpass this record by viewing 41 matches at the Qatar World Cup. Cormish stated that he will record his journey to this record via his YouTube channel as well as social media.

Cormish to break the record

Qormish, which began their record-breaking journey yesterday with the opening match between Qatari and Ecuador at Alkhor Albayt Stadium, will now visit all eight World Cup stadiums. Two witnesses will testify that they saw every match at the full time. 75 km is the longest distance between World Cup venues. The Qatar World Cup has a unique feature: fans can view multiple games daily during the group stage. Kormish’s goal is to achieve the record-setting feat of a single game.

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