Congestion at PCR test centers; Delay in getting results

Congestion at PCR test centers; Delay in getting results
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Abu Dhabi – The Green Pass time period has been reduced from 30 to 14 days. PCR testing centers in Abu Dhabi have become overcrowded. Every day, more than 40,000 people complete the free PCR test. The average number of people who took the test was around 20,000. There is also a delay when it comes to getting results due to the rush.

Results received between 12 and 24 hours ago are now available for those who have not yet received them. Abu Dhabi’s public places are only accessible with a Green Pass. The number of people who arrive after midnight to avoid the morning rush is the day and night rush. Previously, only family members would come to night checks. Now bachelors are also coming.

Night traffic also increased due to this. There are four centers in Musaffah that offer free PCR, one in Mafraq and Hameem, as well as one in Bahia. These centers are part of Somerian Health, which is a sister company to Tamoh Healthcare Abu Dhabi. Only 2 tents are located near St. Paul’s Church, Musaffah, and the Nissan showroom.

The Mafraq and Hameem tents will be open from 2pm until 11pm, and the other centers from 9.30am till 12pm. Only Green Pass holders in Abu Dhabi have access to government offices, shopping malls, and other centers. Those who have had their vaccinations will be given a one-time PCR test. If the test is negative, they’ll get a green card for 14 days. Those who haven’t been vaccinated for the past 7 days will receive a green card.

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