Coastal loss, and the relationship was kept to an end; Says the Malayalee doctor of the royal family

Coastal loss, and the relationship was kept to an end; Says the Malayalee doctor of the royal family
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Abu Dhabi: Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has been hailed as the President who led the healthcare sector to a high-tech era. George Mathew said. The doctor said that the death of Sheikh Khalifa, who had been a pillar of all life’s achievements with equal brotherly love and consideration, was a great loss.

He became a doctor on May 14, 1967 and later became the first medical director in the country to become a doctor of the UAE royal family. George Mathew. He said the world-class hospitals in the UAE were the result of their full support for all development activities in the health sector. George Mathew said. Sheikh Khalifa was the crown prince when he was granted UAE citizenship. And the ruler when the highest civilian honor is bestowed. The relationship from the acquaintance was maintained till the end. Sheikh Khalifa’s vision was to make Tawam Hospital, Al Ain Hospital, Abu Dhabi Sheikh Khalifa Hospital, Sheikh Shaqboot Medical City and other leading hospitals in various emirates, not only in the UAE but also in the world.

With the availability of world-class treatment in the country, it has become a myth that the natives relied on foreign hospitals for specialist treatment. Sheikh Khalifa was also the driving force behind the growth of the health sector until it attracted foreign nationals to the UAE through medical tourism. He fully supported the development of health and was not willing to compromise on punctuality.

Sheikh Khalifa will arrive ready before the allotted time for the meeting. He showed love and compassion to all the people of the country. Everyone was treated equally. Sheikh Khalifa would discuss not only health issues but also public issues of the country at the weekly meeting. Sheikh Palace, which has a large number of employees from different countries, was a priority for Indians, the doctor said.

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