Cheap travel from UAE to Kerala is possible; Know the easy way

Cheap travel from UAE to Kerala is possible; Know the easy way
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Abu Dhabi : An opportunity for people who can’t travel home because of high ticket prices. Low cost travel from UAE via Muscat is possible to any airport in Kerala. This is because you will only have to pay one-third the current fare between UAE and Kerala. A family of four can fly from Abu Dhabi today to Kochi on August 28th and return on August 28th. The cost is Rs 2.68 lakh (Dh. 12468).

Direct flights have no seats. This fare can be used to travel through other sectors. Experts and agents in travel explain that the average price of flying from Dubai to Muscat by bus or plane and then travelling to Kerala by air is only 900 dirhams, which includes the visa.

Online bookings are possible or you can go to a travel agency. Higher-ranking employees will also be granted visas upon arrival, which means that the rates may be a little lower. Wizz Air’s average price for a ticket from Abu Dhabi to Muscat is less than 120 dirhams.

You can get tickets starting at AED 79 for multiple days (without luggage) 100 dirhams is the bus fare from Dubai Deira, Oman. Muscat can be reached in just over an hour via plane or bus. There are direct flights from here to Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi airports, Kozhikode, Kannur, and Kozhikode. Low fares are charged by Air India Express, Indigo and Go First, as well as other Indian airlines, from Muscat to Kerala. All airlines offer tickets at an average cost of AED 700, except for Eid and the day after Eid.

Oman Visa

Oman Tourist and Visitor Visas can be obtained within one to two working days of your application. Travels will pay a fee of 20-30 dirhams for the service. The 120 dirhams cost to travel to Oman. Even with all these costs, the attraction of the direct flight between UAE and Kerala is the fact that it costs only a third as much on holiday.

500 people left within a week

This route is popular with families that cannot afford to travel home because of high fares. According to travel agencies, 500 people visited Oman in the course of one week. Mid-summer vacation is when schools are closed, so many people travel with their families. They can save money and see Oman’s sights.

Bus service

Daily bus service runs from Deira to Muscat at the following times: 7.30am, 3.00pm and 10.30pm. It will be delivered to Muscat in 5 hours, including inspection at the UAE-Oman border.

Oman travels by own car

Some people want to travel to Kerala by car, and they can make their departure and arrive through Oman. Some chunk bros drop their friends at Muscat airport every weekend. This was the idea of Oman and UAE car insurance holders. They would have chosen to fly or take the bus.

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