Carriers of the disease; Be careful, ants are also problematic

Carriers of the disease; Be careful, ants are also problematic
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Dubai: The spread of the disease is a major concern because mosquitoes are at risk in areas where there is extreme heat. There is a problem with mosquitoes breeding in industrial and residential areas. They can be found in stagnant water, shrubs, and wetlands that are irrigated by frozen water.

Sharjah Municipality has advised residents to repel mosquitoes and keep the area clean as they are a major source of infectious diseases. Although mosquitoes don’t thrive in the Gulf climate, the lack of care by residents can make it possible for them to flourish. Culex mosquitoes were also confirmed in the Gulf region earlier.

Pesticide applications and awareness campaigns will take place under the auspices of Ministry of Health in cooperation with local departments in each Emirate. These measures include the identification of mosquito breeding areas and taking scientific preventive steps, avoiding flooding and spraying pesticides.

Waterlogging can easily be avoided

Avoid stagnant water in gardens, swimming pool and tires for as long as possible. Keep water tanks for animals and ditches clean. Large utensils should be covered in the house. Containers that aren’t used often are safe havens for mosquitoes.

Regularly change the water in your flowerpots. Don’t leave food scraps or rubbish out in the open. Avoid allowing water to stagnate in residential areas. Keep water out of the AC window’s bottom tray. Keep the water tank closed. Put nets on the windows.

Ants can also be problematic

Climate change is also making ants a problem. The northern emirates residents claim they are often seen each month, but they multiply before the summer and winter. The dangers of small ants found in urban areas is not as great as those that are found in desert areas.

Cleanliness is essential

Securely cover food items. After eating and cooking, clean and wipe down the kitchen and dining room. To repel ants, wipe the floor with bleaching powder and water. Ants can enter homes through cracks in doors or windows. Don’t allow moisture to build up. Pots and trash buckets attract ants which can lead to cracks in roof panels and other structures.

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