Car accident: Alappuzha native gets 4 lakh Dirhams compensation

Car accident: Alappuzha native gets 4 lakh Dirhams compensation
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Dubai: 4 lakh dirhams (Rs. 87,01 7,790) has been awarded by the Dubai Court to Akshay Jayapal (25) as compensation for his injuries in a car accident. After two years of legal proceedings, the favorable verdict has been rendered. Aksha sustained injuries in a car accident in Bardubai Police Station on August 27, 2020.

Traffic criminal court found the accident was caused in part by negligence of the other vehicle’s driver and issued a 2000 dirham fine to the driver. Akshay, who sustained serious injuries to his face, body, and head in a car accident, approached court seeking compensation. Akshay’s argument was accepted by the court. The petition against the insurance company, and the driver of his vehicle contained the medical reports.

Negligence Caused Car Accident

As compensation, the first was 2 lakh dirhams. The compensation was raised to 4 lakhs upon appeal to the higher court. After examining in detail the forensic medical reports and traffic criminal case judgement, the appellate court increased the compensation. The other party must also pay court costs. Yab Legal Services handled the case. Yab CEO Salam Papinishery filed this case on Aksha’s behalf.

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