Buy Crypto Currency: UAE Cryptocurrency; May Know These Things

Buy Crypto Currency: UAE Cryptocurrency; May Know These Things
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The UAE is at the forefront of innovation and emerging technologies. In addition, the country is gearing up to set up exchanges for investors in cryptocurrency and related activities. Leading global names such as Binance and Bybit already have a local presence, so investor sentiment is high and the country has witnessed disastrous investment options. The Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) has 11 virtual asset players (ADGM) approved and licensed by ADGM.

‘ADGM introduced its Virtual Asset Guidelines in 2017 and launched the world’s first fully integrated Virtual Asset Regulatory Framework and Government in 2018. In Abu Dhabi and the UAE, local players and global players across the Mena announced their presence, services and affiliate services. Retail and institutional investors attracted a high level of interest and investment. In addition, ADGM has already introduced its regulatory sandbox and Fintech Digital Lab to encourage and support Fintech companies to test their products in a ‘live’ environment, and Fintech understands and adheres to the strict AML and KYC of the UAE, ”an ADGM spokesperson said.

Tolona Research, an international online market research company, conducted research to understand consumers’ perceptions of cryptocurrency. More than 9,000 people between the ages of 18 and 64 were interviewed from 17 countries in four regions, including the UAE. The study reveals that the overall outlook for investing in cryptocurrency in the UAE is much stronger than in global markets. Approximately 78% of investors expect the ratio of assets allowed for cryptocurrency deposits in the UAE to 67% in the global market. Venture investment in the GCC is reported to exceed $ 500 million this year alone.

Global Cryptocurrency Platform to Dubai

The regional head office of, the global cryptocurrency platform, is opening its regional head office in Dubai. ”We are opening our regional head office in Dubai for the Middle East and Africa. As the UAE diversifies its industries and creates opportunities with confidence, this will be a great place to do our work here. Eric Anziani,’s Chief Operating Officer, said: It also aims to provide job vacancies for 100 to 200 workers, including engineers.

Tea price through cryptocurrency payment

Bake Nmore is the first cafe in Dubai to accept cryptocurrency payments. The owner of the cafe said that 10 payments were made using crypto in the first two days through the new and fastest growing cryptocurrency payment. Al-Hammadi said that people who use cryptocurrency as a method of payment include expatriates, citizens, men and women. The mixing network manages the cafe’s open source payment platform. It’s customers bitcoin, ethereum, Allows you to make payments using Tether and other major cryptocurrencies. It accepts all existing payment methods such as cash, cards and card and online payments.

Delivery Company

Delivery Companies in UAE to make cryptocurrency payments. YallaMarket, a Dubai-based grocery delivery service, accepts payments from cryptocurrencies. Officials said that the cryptocurrency will be accepted as a payment form through their mobile application. The YallaMarket payment system accepts stable currencies such as USDT (Tether) and USDC. The startup is also preparing to accept crypto investments from Mena-based partners, with plans to pay in the future through digital assets, officials said.

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