Busy- Holiday shopping

Busy- Holiday shopping
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Doha: Markets are in a ‘holiday shopping mania’ after a long hiatus. As mid-summer holidays begin, expatriate families are busy shopping at hypermarkets, shopping centers and supermarkets in the country. There are many products on the market that offer customers a wide range of options. There are many offers for luggage boxes, bags for ladies, clothes, electronics, and even kitchen utensils.

Ordinary expats can also buy everything in the market, depending on their budget. Markets are based on the preferences of consumers. Chocolates and dates are more in demand than chocolates. Qatar’s finest varieties of honey, dates, honey, Iranian, and Turkish dried fruits are highly sought after. It can be purchased in cash at any weight. The question is, why can it be considered a specialty when all goods from the Gulf are readily available on local markets? Many people worry that there won’t be any demand for Gulf products when they return home.

Even fresh fish will reach the country

Doha – As in the past not only electronic equipment and kitchen utensils but also the good ‘Pedaikkana fish’ from the fish market will all be repatriated. It is intended to provide local families with a taste for Qatari fish. People can take home up to 3-5kg of fresh, good quality fish from the sea in an unopened iced box.

Busy Holiday shopping Busy- Holiday shopping

Before you leave for the airport, purchase fresh kingfish, sherry, and ham from the market. Once you have filled the thermocol box, place the fish inside and seal it. It is possible to get the fish fresh in just four and a half hours. You can rely on ice cubes to keep your fish fresh.

Others will also cut the fish and then wash it. Then, they’ll put the spices on it, wrap it in plastic, and freeze it. This shipment works because you can only get the Gulf goods inside the country, but not the Gulf fish taste. According to the Malayalee, home fish lovers need to be able to taste the best hamur in Qatar. Many people bring home vegetables and fish from the kitchen gardens of exiles. https://in.hotels.com/go/qatar/best-shopping-doha

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