Qatar World Cup 2022: Separate lane for buses and taxis on A-Ring Road

World Cup: Separate lane for buses and taxis on A-Ring Road
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To facilitate road traffic during the FIFA World Cup, Doha has established a special lane on the A-ring Road for taxis and public buses only. One lane has been designated by the Ashgal Public Works Authority to be used only for buses and taxis on A-Ring Road, from Ras Abu Aboud Bridge and Al Diwan Intersection and Al Rayan Road.

This road is open to public buses, taxis, and authorized vehicles for emergency purposes such as police and ambulance. All traffic signs and facilities necessary to monitor traffic violations in the future have been created. It’s part of an eco-friendly and smooth travel plan for FIFA World Cup. It’s a collaboration between Mausalat (Karwa), the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy and the Home and Transport Ministries.

Traffic safety will now be reinforced For Taxis And Buses

  • It can increase public transport use, provide environmental benefits, and improve transport safety.
  • Public buses can reduce travel time and congestion, particularly at major intersections in Doha Central.
  • You can also purify the air with carbon emissions.
  • Police and ambulances are equipped with a priority lane so they can get to the accident site faster.
  • Traffic safety is increased and accidents are reduced.
  • Travel arrangements for the tournament can include a reduction in the use private vehicles and an increase in the use eco-friendly buses that run on electricity.

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