Buses need a permit and a tracking system

Buses need a permit and a tracking system
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Abu Dhabi: Private and commercial buses must have special permits and an electronic tracking system. You must apply for the permit and tracker system before September 15th, when the current license expires.

It warned that harsh action would be taken against those who violate the rules. According to the Integrated Transportation Center (ITC), the move was intended to curb bus traffic in the emirate as well as ensure safety. A professional permit is required for bus drivers. The transport company must also ensure that drivers and passengers are covered. The new law will cover private buses, public buses, and hired buses.

This would increase passenger safety, protect operator rights and reduce accidents. The bus’s movements are monitored by connecting to the tracking system on ITC’s acetylene platform (https://asateel.itc.gov.ae). This will allow you to check if your driving is in compliance with traffic laws. You will need a special permit to apply for the Acetylene portal. There is no fee.

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