BJP leaders’ controversy: Shura council dissatisfied

BJP leaders' controversy: Shura council dissatisfied
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Doha: The Shura Council of Qatar expressed dissatisfaction at remarks made by BJP spokespersons in India against the Prophet. He also demanded that the government ensure security and protection for the rights of Muslims living in India. The meeting was presided over by Speaker Hassan bin Abdullah Al Ghanim. It condemned remarks made by BJP spokespersons. It also highlighted the importance and significance of the Qatari Foreign Ministry’s statement documenting protests in the country.

According to the Shura Council, the hate speech against Prophet was made against a backdrop of violence, hatred, and systematic restrictions on Muslims in India. These include the ban on hijab wearing in Indian educational institutions, the invasion of Muslim property, and the riots against Muslims. The Council urged India’s Government to stop violence against Muslims and hate speech towards the Prophet and Islam. It also called for protection of Indian mosques and the Muslim community, their rights, religious and cultural identities, and their human rights.

Protests against hateful comments made by BJP spokespersons are strong on social media. To protest the hate speech of BJP spokespersons, Dr Deepak Mittal, Indian Ambassador to Qatar, was summoned by the External Affairs Ministry. Qatar stated that it expected India to issue a public apology. During the visit of the Indian Vice President to Qatar, the ambassador was summoned. The President of Qatar Museum, Sheikh Al Mayasa bint Hamad Al Thani wrote on Facebook that the Indian Community is an important social structure of Qatar. He also stated that the comments made in the Facebook post were not representative of the views of the Indian community.

Sheikh al-Mayasa stated that the Indian ambassador had assured her the Indian government would not back the comments made by BJP spokespersons. The response of Sheikh Mayasa to the visit by the Indian Vice President to the Qatar National Museum.

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