Bill Gates praises UAE for Covid vaccine delivery

Bill Gates praises UAE for Covid vaccine delivery
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Abu Dhabi: Bill Gates praised the Abu Dhabi Vaccine Center’s efforts to bring the Covid vaccine to other countries.Β He stated that the UAE played a crucial role in strengthening resistance to Covid. It maintains the right temperature for each vaccine, and distributes it to different countries according to need.

Bill Gates praised the UAE in an online video that captured footage of him visiting Abu Dhabi Kisad’s ultra-cold storage center. 26 crore doses had been distributed to 60 countries via an extensive distribution network as of April. It was fascinating to see so many vaccines in one place, he said. It can hold more than 12,000,000 vaccines, at temperatures between +8 and -30 degrees.

The Hope Consortium was formed in UAE to collect vaccines from different countries. It maintains the temperature of vaccines and delivers them to any country that requires them. Hope is responsible for the procurement, distribution, and transportation of vaccines. Delivery is made possible by two-thirds of the four hours flight time from Abu Dhabi.

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