Big gains for tourism sector; The influx of tourists to Dubai

Big gains for tourism sector; The influx of tourists to Dubai
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Dubai: According to the Ministry of Tourism, Dubai is now back at the level of tourist arrivals that was before Covid. The official estimate for the number of tourists in Dubai was 61.7 lakh as of May 2012. Average hotel bookings were 76%.

Dubai is home to the largest number of international hotel bookings. This time, hotel bookings were 61% in New York City, 60% in London, and 57% respectively in Paris. The campaign offers longer stays at a lower price in 60 hotels. This has resulted in an increase in international tourists visiting the area, according to the ministry.

The arrival of Covid brought Dubai’s success at a crucial time when many tourist destinations around the world, including Kerala were in serious trouble. Dubai has been branded by the Department of Tourism as a top-notch destination, featuring stars from Bollywood and Hollywood. They also partnered with the hotels to offer 7-day stays for 5 days, and cash payments. Dubai is preparing for Expo 2020, which has shaken up the slow-moving tourism sector. Dubai is ready to make Expo 2020 an Expo City. Dubai offers all the freedom and flexibility that travelers need. There are no travel restrictions or unnecessary instructions.

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