Awareness campaign for bicycle and e-scooter riders

Awareness campaign for bicycle and e-scooter riders
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Dubai Al Rafah Police Station launched an awareness campaign for Bicycle and e-scooters Riders under its jurisdiction. Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief Lt. Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Al Mansouri was the Assistant Commander in Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, under General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri.

Colonel Mohammad Ashkanani, acting director of Al Rafah police station said that the campaign was designed to make cyclists and e-scooters more familiar with traffic rules and regulations. It also informs them about the roads and lanes specifically for this type traffic. It is also intended to reduce road traffic fatalities. Colonel Ashkanani appealed for cyclists and e-scooter riders follow the rules and regulations set out in accordance with the Traffic Law Act.

Riders of e-scooters and bicycles should take note

While driving, safety rules must be observed.

Protect your head and eyes when you are riding near roads.

You should park your e-scooter and bicycle in designated areas

Avoid obstructing traffic.

Riders are asked to be cautious and not endanger other road users.

Head of Traffic Registration Department, Lt. Humaid al Shemri, reiterated the importance of keeping a distance from other vehicles and pedestrians as well as avoiding carrying or holding any weight that could affect the balance of the bicycle and e-scooter.

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