Arab driver hits Indian man, escapes; Sharjah police chase and arrest him in 45 minutes

Arab driver hits Indian man, escapes; Sharjah police chase and arrest him in 45 minutes
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Sharjah: Sharjah police arrested an Arab driver for trying to pass an Indian man. The pedestrian Indian sustained injuries as well. Arab driver fled the scene, but was pursued by al-Buhaira officers and taken into custody within 45 minutes. His car was also taken.

At 10.44 AM, the accident occurred on Al Wahda Road. Police and an ambulance rushed the injured Indian to a Kuwaiti medical facility. Interrogation revealed that the driver panicked and fled believing that the pedestrian had suffered minor injuries. The Indian was not injured.

It is a crime to run away from danger

Running away from danger is a crime. Sharjah police stated that drivers must be responsible and offer assistance to victims that will save their lives, without running away in a manner that could cause death. Authorities demanded motorists adhere to traffic rules.

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