American Biden tactics did not work; Gulf countries send Biden away ’empty-handed’

American tactics did not work; Gulf countries send Biden away 'empty-handed'
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The first Gulf visit by US President Joe Biden after his inauguration. It passed without much fanfare. Biden was not present at the Arab summit, nor did he attend bilateral talks. The only notable decision made at the summit was that Saudi Arabia opened its skies to Israeli planes. Biden did not want fuel price increases to be a major issue during the later in the year by-elections in the United States.

However, the Saudi Arabia position, which is the largest oil exporter, was not in his favor. Biden visited Saudi Arabia despite being involved with the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Two reasons: fuel and consolidating Israel’s presence in the Middle East. These two goals worked. Biden is currently in a difficult circle. He wants to visit Saudi Arabia to drop the Jamal Khashoggi matter. Was Saudi Arabia willing to accept the US demand for more fuel production in light of the rising cost of oil? Here’s the assessment…

Position at end of objection

Biden believes that the Saudi crown prince was responsible for Jamal Khashoggi’s death. Biden had previously expressed his opinion and placed the crown prince and Saudi in the wrong. Biden had to rethink his position on fuel. Biden had to also accept the accusations that he had changed his position.

Biden was able to use the Covid protocol to aid him in his difficult situation of visiting Saudi Arabia and abandoning Khashoggi. As a precaution against Covid-19, the White House informed the Saudis not to hug or handshake each other. This protocol was not followed in Israel or Palestine in the past. Saudi Arabia itself did not have a protocol banning shaking hands with the ruler Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud.

Although the Khashoggi issue put a lot pressure on Biden’s shoulders, the Crown Prince was welcomed with a fist bump. The media will judge that the United States has abandoned Khashoggi if they publish a picture of Biden hugging the crown Prince. The matter was finally reported directly to the crown prince. It was worth noting that Biden stated that he believes he is responsible for the murder. According to the crown prince, Khashoggi’s murder was tragic and that the country acted immediately. He also said that he wasn’t involved in the murder.

Biden did not respond to his request for information about similar violations of human rights committed by the United States. Both countries agreed that the discussion shouldn’t be delayed due to all of this. They laughed with a slight smile at one another. Biden and the crown prince were seen to be separated by a gap when they took a photo together at the summit. It was clear from the pictures that there was no ice between them.

American Biden tactics did not work; Gulf countries send Biden away 'empty-handed'

Decided to fuel?

Biden’s biggest setback was the rejection by the Saudi crown prince of the request to increase fuel production due to the rise in gasoline prices in the United States. He stated that the current production level is at its maximum and that there is no way to increase it. The United States hopes for a positive decision at the meeting next month of oil-producing countries. It remains to be seen if America’s request will be accepted at the meeting, where Russia holds a significant influence.

Israel’s Axis to Face Iran

The United States has proposed military cooperation with Israel in order to address the potential problems Iran could create in the Middle East. The Arab countries, however, remained silent about the military alliance with Israel. They also indicated that they did not intend to force Iran into war. Arab countries stated that they would like to see things return to normal by diplomacy. The UAE also made it clear that they do not support confrontational politics before departing for the summit. The UAE is exploring the possibility to re-establish diplomatic ties with Iran.

The UAE wants Iran’s assistance in the transfer fuel. This move was also rescinded after it was clear that it was not an attempt to subjugate Iran. Only the Arab countries announced their willingness to cooperate with the United States in order to preserve a peaceful Middle East. Strategically, these countries remained silent about the American attempt at ‘inserting’ Israel into their region. These countries have stated that they don’t want Israel as a leader, despite the fact that it might be part of a military alliance.

Open skyway

The opening of Saudi Arabia’s Airspace to Israel was the only diplomatic victory. Just before Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia issued an order to all to open its airspace. Saudi Arabia has announced that all are welcome to use the airspace as per the Chicago Convention. Joe Biden was the first American president who flew directly from Israel to Saudi Arabia. Israel is taking steps to expand flight services to India and Thailand. It is good for Israel that distance and time have been reduced with the opening of the air route. The Arab countries clarified, however, that this is not a military collaboration.

The reception is the best place to start

Joe Biden didn’t receive the same warm reception as other US presidents. Only Prince Khalid Al Faisal Al Faisal, the governor of Makkah and the ambassador were able to receive Donald Trump at the airport in the usual manner. Biden entered the palace without any fanfare or crowd. Despite the differences between them, the meeting was overshadowed. However, the crown prince did come out to receive them. Biden’s arrival at the airport did not include the Saudi king greeting Biden and giving him a hug. The US-GCC summits were to continue in the next days, closing the visit.

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