Again ‘Spaceship’ Landing at Museum of the Future – Viral Video

A video showing a spaceship touchdown at Dubai’s Museum of the Future proved this sort of blockbuster hit it has generated a sequel.

In February, Dubai Media Office launched the eye-grabbing video, which left many awestruck as a futuristic craft approached the museum, which opens as much as allow the car to land internal.

The startling recording โ€“ seemingly made with contemporary visible technology โ€“ indicates the ufo descending into the museum even as traffic beneath travels along Sheikh Zayed Road.

The video blurred the road among the digital international and fact and were given people speaking in advance of the museum’s grand opening.

Now a 2nd video from a one-of-a-kind angle is doing the rounds.

The new photos shows a similar scene, shot from behind the landmark building, with the craft approaching the building as it opens up.

It turned into shared on Instagram shortly after the museumโ€™s establishing with the aid of an account โ€“ one hundred.Pixels โ€“ that is owned with the aid of the photographer Mostafa Eldiasty .

An accompanying caption says: โ€œWas making a visit to @museumofthefuture and saw this happening again! It must be real this time @krimium (a visual artist)โ€.

A comment below said: โ€œEveryone is asking the same question, IS IT REAL?โ€ To which 100.pixels replies:, โ€œItโ€™s CGIโ€.

The video has in view that clocked up extra than 1.5 million likes.

The museum takes site visitors on a journey to the yr 2071 and creates situations of what the destiny will be like in areas including outer area aid development, ecosystems and bioengineering, fitness, well-being and spirituality.

One of the outer area-themed exhibitions is called New Moon and shows how the Moon will be converted right into a supply of renewable energy for the Earth.

The building turned into named one of the 14 maximum stunning museums on this planet in a listing compiled by National Geographic magazine ultimate July.

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