AED Exchange Rate Today For All Major Countries

Looking for the latest AED exchange rates? Our article has got you covered with up-to-date information on the AED exchange rates for major countries on February 21, 2023. Stay informed and plan your financial transactions accordingly.

Emirati Dirham 1.00 AED
Argentine Peso 52.601132
Australian Dollar 0.396917
Bahraini Dinar 0.102383
Botswana Pula 3.595279
Brazilian Real 1.407190
British Pound 0.224767
Bruneian Dollar 0.364651
Bulgarian Lev 0.499962
Canadian Dollar 0.368221
Chilean Peso 218.359374
Chinese Yuan Renminbi 1.872309
Colombian Peso 1351.092265
Czech Koruna 6.065319
Danish Krone 1.902992
Euro 0.255627
Hong Kong Dollar 2.135812
Hungarian Forint 97.906977
Icelandic Krona 39.443585
Indian Rupee 22.565712
Indonesian Rupiah 4146.783829
Iranian Rial 11491.607802
Israeli Shekel 0.989618
Japanese Yen 36.742068
Kazakhstani Tenge 121.767784
Kuwaiti Dinar 0.083485
Libyan Dinar 1.308096
Malaysian Ringgit 1.206832
Mauritian Rupee 12.692547
Mexican Peso 5.019107
Nepalese Rupee 36.122064
New Zealand Dollar 0.438315
Norwegian Krone 2.804915
Omani Rial 0.104834
Pakistani Rupee 71.606422
Philippine Peso 14.986979
Polish Zloty 1.213869
Qatari Riyal 0.991150
Romanian New Leu 1.257727
Russian Ruble 20.401295
Saudi Arabian Riyal 1.021103
Singapore Dollar 0.364651
South African Rand 4.971016
South Korean Won 355.396809
Sri Lankan Rupee 99.453432
Swedish Krona 2.820125
Swiss Franc 0.252421
Taiwan New Dollar 8.311005
Thai Baht 9.423904
Trinidadian Dollar 1.847125
Turkish Lira 5.138337
US Dollar 0.272294
Venezuelan Bolivar 663589.986710

USD to AED: 1 United States Dollar equals 3.67 United Arab Emirates Dirham

1,000 dirham to dollar: 1,000 United Arab Emirates Dirham equals 272.25 United States Dollars.

You can check aed to usd exchange rate history and aed exchange rate in the google finance section.

How can I track the daily AED exchange rate in India?

While there are various ways to track the daily AED exchange rate in India, one option is to check financial news websites such as This website provides daily updates on exchange rates for various currencies, including the AED.

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