AED Currency Rate Today – February 20, 2023 Update

Looking for up-to-date Emirati Dirham exchange rates? Check out our comprehensive guide to AED exchange rates and discover the latest rates for your currency exchange needs. Stay informed and make the most of your money today (20/02/2023)!


1 United Arab Emirates Dirham equals 0.27 United States Dollars. 1,000 AED to USD 272.26.


1 United Arab Emirates Dirham equals 0.25 Euro.

AED TO INR: 1 AED = 22.52 INR

AED TO PKR: 1 AED = 71.31 PKR

Emirati Dirham 1.00 AED
Argentine Peso 52.579826
Australian Dollar 0.393843
Bahraini Dinar 0.102383
Botswana Pula 3.590106
Brazilian Real 1.407201
British Pound 0.226267
Bruneian Dollar 0.363584
Bulgarian Lev 0.498404
Canadian Dollar 0.366291
Chilean Peso 216.764988
Chinese Yuan Renminbi 1.866147
Colombian Peso 1337.582004
Czech Koruna 6.042848
Danish Krone 1.897314
Euro 0.254830
Hong Kong Dollar 2.133083
Hungarian Forint 97.674853
Icelandic Krona 39.423911
Indian Rupee 22.520571
Indonesian Rupiah 4126.712312
Iranian Rial 11463.332463
Israeli Shekel 0.972902
Japanese Yen 36.525240
Kazakhstani Tenge 121.734055
Kuwaiti Dinar 0.083428
Libyan Dinar 1.306793
Malaysian Ringgit 1.206357
Mauritian Rupee 12.532196
Mexican Peso 5.004475
Nepalese Rupee 36.049804
New Zealand Dollar 0.435391
Norwegian Krone 2.787400
Omani Rial 0.104829
Pakistani Rupee 71.312673
Philippine Peso 14.964646
Polish Zloty 1.207838
Qatari Riyal 0.991150
Romanian New Leu 1.253020
Russian Ruble 20.421312
Saudi Arabian Riyal 1.021103
Singapore Dollar 0.363584
South African Rand 4.925393
South Korean Won 353.124135
Sri Lankan Rupee 98.607040
Swedish Krona 2.815786
Swiss Franc 0.251350
Taiwan New Dollar 8.275409
Thai Baht 9.366356
Trinidadian Dollar 1.846390
Turkish Lira 5.136588
US Dollar 0.272294
Venezuelan Bolivar 662915.178553

AED to GBP: 1 United Arab Emirates Dirham equals 0.23 Pounds sterling.

What does AED stand for in money?

AED stands for United Arab Emirates dirham, the official currency of the United Arab Emirates. It is often abbreviated as “AED” and is denoted by the symbol “د.إ” or “Dhs”. One dirham is divided into 100 fils. The AED is used as the currency for transactions within the UAE and is also accepted in some neighboring countries.

How can I track the daily AED exchange rate in India? is a website that provides daily exchange rates for AED and other major currencies. You can visit their website and check the AED exchange rate in India on a daily basis.

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