AED Currency Rate Today – February 12, 2023

Today, the currency rate of the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) is 0.27 United States Dollars (USD), 22.46 Indian Rupees (INR), 73.31 Pakistani Rupees (PKR), 35.93 Nepalese Rupees (NPR), and 14.83 Philippine Pesos (PHP). This rate is effective as of February 12, 2023.

Emirati Dirham AED1.00 AED
Argentine Peso51.880984
Australian Dollar0.393394
Bahraini Dinar0.102383
Botswana Pula3.548735
Brazilian Real1.420913
British Pound0.225641
Bruneian Dollar0.361981
Bulgarian Lev0.498950
Canadian Dollar0.363573
Chilean Peso217.337799
Chinese Yuan Renminbi1.851278
Colombian Peso1299.370698
Czech Koruna6.050141
Danish Krone1.899713
Hong Kong Dollar2.137370
Hungarian Forint98.704123
Icelandic Krona38.843041
Indian Rupee22.463894
Indonesian Rupiah4120.829353
Iranian Rial11437.059518
Israeli Shekel0.963122
Japanese Yen35.758854
Kazakhstani Tenge122.770384
Kuwaiti Dinar0.083526
Libyan Dinar1.303664
Malaysian Ringgit1.179243
Mauritian Rupee12.401428
Mexican Peso5.089740
Nepalese Rupee35.959078
New Zealand Dollar0.430711
Norwegian Krone2.766448
Omani Rial0.104833
Pakistani Rupee73.781113
Philippine Peso14.830087
Polish Zloty1.217092
Qatari Riyal0.991150
Romanian New Leu1.250702
Russian Ruble20.096804
Saudi Arabian Riyal1.021103
Singapore Dollar0.361981
South African Rand4.875869
South Korean Won345.209215
Sri Lankan Rupee99.417417
Swedish Krona2.845402
Swiss Franc0.251667
Taiwan New Dollar8.224932
Thai Baht9.170801
Trinidadian Dollar1.849037
Turkish Lira5.124587
US Dollar0.27224
Venezuelan Bolivar657406.385685

The AED has been steadily appreciating against other major currencies in recent years. This appreciation has been driven by the UAE’s improved economic outlook, as well as its efforts to diversify its economy away from oil. This has made the AED a reliable and attractive currency for investors.

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In addition, the UAE has a strong trade relationship with many countries, including India, Pakistan, Nepal, and the Philippines. This has allowed the AED to remain stable against these currencies, despite fluctuations in global markets.

The AED is an important currency in the Middle East and is used in many countries. It is also widely used in Dubai and other major cities in the UAE. As such, the AED remains an attractive investment option for those looking to diversify their portfolios.

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