AED Currency Rate Today – All Country Rates Have Been Released | February 14, 2023

Emirati Dirham1.00 AED
Argentine Peso52.283572
Australian Dollar0.391181
Bahraini Dinar0.102383
Botswana Pula3.553495
Brazilian Real1.410071
British Pound0.224170
Bruneian Dollar0.362214
Bulgarian Lev0.497024
Canadian Dollar0.363982
Chilean Peso214.871591
Chinese Yuan Renminbi1.858299
Colombian Peso1307.618487
Czech Koruna6.026299
Danish Krone1.893956
Hong Kong Dollar2.137559
Hungarian Forint96.519279
Icelandic Krona38.950414
Indian Rupee22.589207
Indonesian Rupiah4139.966405
Iranian Rial11461.951874
Israeli Shekel0.961113
Japanese Yen36.236837
Kazakhstani Tenge122.337889
Kuwaiti Dinar0.083356
Libyan Dinar1.305821
Malaysian Ringgit1.184021
Mauritian Rupee12.477086
Mexican Peso5.056013
Nepalese Rupee36.159673
New Zealand Dollar0.430755
Norwegian Krone2.768756
Omani Rial0.104756
Pakistani Rupee73.188917
Philippine Peso14.946955
Polish Zloty1.213867
Qatari Riyal0.991150
Romanian New Leu1.245178
Russian Ruble20.041810
Saudi Arabian Riyal1.021103
Singapore Dollar0.362214
South African Rand4.882496
South Korean Won346.268910
Sri Lankan Rupee99.444731
Swedish Krona2.828393
Swiss Franc0.251281
Taiwan New Dollar8.242308
Thai Baht9.234620
Trinidadian Dollar1.846831
Turkish Lira5.130959
US Dollar0.272294
Venezuelan Bolivar658857.262356

The AED currency rate for today, February 14, 2023, has been released and is expected to impact various countries’ exchange rates. The exchange rate for 1 AED to Indian Rupee is 22.589207, while the exchange rate for 1 AED to Pakistani Rupee is 73.188917. Meanwhile, the exchange rate for 1 AED to Philippine Peso is 14.946955, and the exchange rate for 1 AED to US Dollar is 0.272294.

These exchange rates are crucial for people who engage in international transactions, particularly those who deal with the mentioned currencies. Fluctuations in exchange rates could lead to significant losses or gains, depending on the direction of the movement.

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Businesses that import or export products from the countries involved in these currency exchanges are among those who need to keep a close eye on the fluctuations in the exchange rates. As currency values change, so too does the value of any transactions made using those currencies.

Individuals who send or receive remittances to or from these countries are also affected. A slight difference in the exchange rate could lead to either getting less or more money, depending on the direction of the currency movement.

In conclusion, the AED currency rate for February 14, 2023, has been released, and it is essential to take note of the exchange rates for various countries to make informed decisions on international transactions. Keeping an eye on fluctuating exchange rates could save people significant losses and ensure that they get the most out of their transactions.

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