Accidents increase; Ban on 3 types of e-scooters

Accidents increase; Ban on 3 types of e-scooters
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Abu Dhabi bans electric scooters that have seats. The ban applies to three types of popular electric scooters. According to the Integrated Transport Center (ITC), these seats were unsafe and could lead to accidents and loss of balance while driving.

However, electric scooters and bicycles are still allowed. ITC shared a video in Arabic and English on social media explaining which scooters were banned and which were allowed. In response to the growing number of accidents involving e-scooter riders, the law was tightened. E-scooters and cyclists must wear safety gear such as gloves, knee pads, helmets, and reflective clothing.

According to the ITC, more than one person could be traveling in these vehicles at a time and it was causing accidents. Because it was simple to use and affordable, the eco-friendly electric scooter quickly gained popularity. People use e-scooters and bicycles to commute short distances to and from shopping malls, bus stations, and residential buildings. These are used for small grocery and restaurant delivery.

Accidents increase Ban on 3 types of e scooters. Accidents increase; Ban on 3 types of e-scooters

Drive carefully

One person can ride an electric scooter or bicycle.

Designated cycle paths should be used for travel.

In the absence of a bike path, travel on the right side.

Limit speed to 20km per hour

Rut Do not ride an electric scooter on the expressway. Use helmets, knee pads, kneepads, and reflector clothing.

You must not use e-scooters in prohibited lanes.

Workshop to ensure safety

Abu Dhabi / Al Ain Bu Abu Dhabi Police held a workshop on safe riding of electric scooters and bicycles in Al Ain. Director of Al Ain Traffic Department, Directorate of Traffic and Patrol Colonel Mathar Abdullah Al-Muhairi asked that people wear helmets, kneepads and reflector clothes to ensure safety.

You should install red and white reflective lights at the front and rear of your bicycle or escooter. Follow safety rules and instructions. Do not block pedestrians or vehicles from moving smoothly. To ensure safety for passengers and the public, those who don’t comply with this directive will be punished.

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