Abu Dhabi police to control World Cup football

Abu Dhabi police to control World Cup football
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ABU DHABI – The Abu Dhabi Police is one the 129 officials responsible for the World Cup football tournament. Assisting Referee at FIFA’s Qatar World Cup, Mohammed Ahmed Youssef Al Hammadi is an Abu Dhabi Police Officer.

The police’s fitness unit selected Abdullah Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed, 36, as the first assistant officer. Hassan al-Mahri was chosen as the assistant referee. Al-Hammadi has been officiating at international and local football matches since 2007.

Al-Hammadi is a veteran of international competitions and finals for the past 10 year. He will fly to Qatar.ย He stated that he would work hard to improve his physical and mental fitness to meet FIFA standards.ย Maj. Gen. Salim Shaheel al Nuaimi, Director, Human Resources Division, stated that the Abu Dhabi Police Representative was proud of having the chance to supervise international competition. Al-Hammadi also managed many matches, including the 2018 Russian World Cup and the 2015 Australian Asian Cup Final.

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