Abu Dhabi court intervenes for workers; ‘Do not force those who have signed a contract to leave the country’

Abu Dhabi court intervenes for workers; 'Do not force those who have signed a contract to leave the country'
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Abu Dhabi Labor Court ruled that employers shouldn’t force workers who have been terminated to leave the country. He demanded that he be allowed to search for a new job after a 180-day delay. You will need a valid visa to enter the UAE for this time. The court requested strict compliance with the UAE’s new labor laws during a virtual law literacy session. Each employee is free to choose their own working hours. Different abilities can also be allowed to work part time in multiple companies under separate contracts, on an hourly and daily basis.

He stated that ignorance of the new law is not a concession to the law being broken. In the face of increasing labor disputes in the UAE, the court spoke out. Ali Hassan al-Shatteri (deputy head of Abu Dhabi Labor Court) explained that new labor laws are designed to strengthen the rights of both employees and employers. He stated that employers should have access to all information regarding labor law.

This law will create a favorable environment for skilled workers and investors. This will increase the efficiency and sustainability the country’s labor markets, he said. This new law allows the government to allow freelancing, part-time, temporary, and self-employment. As the UAE plans to make the country more work-friendly, it is implementing comprehensive reforms.

Worker discrimination based on caste, religion or color was banned. You should not work more than 5 hours per day without taking a break. Indefinite employment contracts should not be extended. Instead, it should be converted to a contract that can be renewed each 3 years. The probation period should not exceed six months. Two weeks notice must be given if the employee is fired during this probation period. A probationary employee must give one month notice to the company if he or she wishes to switch jobs.

You must notify the government 14 days before you plan to leave the country. All workers have the right to a day off without pay according to their employment contract. This awareness campaign was jointly organized by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Abu Dhabi Judicial Department. In February, the UAE’s new labor law was implemented.

Documents shouldn’t be withheld from the owner

You should not work overtime more than two hours per day. In addition, overtime pay exceeding 2 hours per day in emergency situations would result in 25% additional pay and 50% more pay for work between 10pm-4am and holiday work. The court reiterated that the company’s owner has no power to withhold records of employees, such as passports. Workers will not be charged a fee for recruitment.

Committee to solve salary arrears at large companies

Abu Dhabi: The issue of large company salary arrears has been assigned to a special committee. This committee will address the issue of arrears in salary for companies employing more than 50 people. According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Indigenization, the dispute will be resolved in 30 days. The priority will be given for amicable resolution with both parties.

Khalil Khoury was the acting secretary for human resource. He stated that the goal was to strengthen workers’ relationships with employers. Both parties will have equal rights. The Ministry of Human Resource Development will chair the committee. It will also include representatives from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Labor Dispute Resolution Committee and the judge. After separate meetings with representatives of workers and employers, conciliatory talks will be used to resolve financial and labor disputes.

Additional hearings will be delayed for the next few days. Large cases will see the decision announced within 30 days. It will then be forwarded to the relevant department for implementation. The bank guarantee of non-cooperative employers would pay the benefits to workers. https://www.adjd.gov.ae/en/pages/eservicedirectory.aspx

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