A ticket is not enough to watch the World Cup 2022, Haya card is mandatory

A ticket is not enough to watch the World Cup, Haya card is mandatory; Officials
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Doha – Authorities remind ticket holders that purchasing a match ticket is not enough. A Haya or fan ID card is required. The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy reminds ticket holders via social media that they must apply for a Haya Card.

An actual printed card is not required. A digital Haya card that is signed by the ticket holder suffices. You can access the digital card through Hayya Card’s mobile app (Hayya). You can access the app in English and Arabic languages. You can also book accommodation, competition tickets and flight tickets with Qatar Airways. After purchasing the ticket, you can apply for Haya card. Dependents include children under 18 years of age.

The third phase of FIFA’s ticket sales is underway. Tickets are sold on a first-come basis. You can choose the ticket you want and pay instantly. The deadline for selling tickets is currently at 12.00 Doha local time on August 16. The website of the Supreme Committee contains information about the card.

1. All spectators must participate

All FIFA World Cup spectators must have a Haya Card. Non-residents and Qatari citizens, as well as foreigners, must have a HAYA Card in order to gain entry to the stadium.

To enter the country during tournament hours, ordinary visitors such as business visitors or non-ticket takers will need a HAYA Card.

2. Haya Card Benefits

This card can also be used as an entry visa for internationals. The card offers access to stadiums, as well as free travel on public transport such the Doha Metro and Karwa Bus. The Haya Card mobile app allows you to plan smart trips.

3. Apply for a MatchTicket

Haya Card is currently only available to match ticket holders. We will soon announce information regarding the Haya Card application process for nonticket holders.

4. Accommodation for foreigners

Haya Card application can be started by match ticket holders even before they book accommodation. To complete the HAYA Card application process, overseas visitors must confirm their accommodation. The ticket holder can live in hotels, apartments or ships. They also have the option to stay with family members or friends, who are Qatari expatriates. In the application, the exact address of the accommodation must be given.

5. You can apply at any time.

Even though there is no time limit for applying for Haya cards, authorities recommend that you apply immediately after receiving your ticket.

6. Accommodation and No Ticket

You do not need a Haya card to book match tickets or accommodation.

7. To get Haya Card

The digital card will be made available via the Haya mobile application as soon as the application has been approved.

8. Procedures

Regardless of which gateway they entered the country through, the HAYA card application process remains the same for all visitors.

9. GCC citizens also should be aware

All GCC citizens and non-residents who plan to visit Qatar between November 1, 2023 and January 23, 2023 must have a HAYA card. To watch the match, you will need a confirmed ticket.

10. Register Now

Transferring an existing user account is not possible. To apply for a Haya Card at the World Cup, all spectators must register again.

Attention spectators

To purchase match tickets: https://www.fifa.com/fifaplus/en/tournaments/mens/worldcup/qatar2022/tickets, https://www.qatar2022.qa/en/tickets

To book accommodation: https://www.qatar2022.qa/book

To apply for Hayya Card: https://hayya.qatar2022.qa/web/hayya/home

For Hayya Card Inquiries: Email- [email protected], Phone- 800 8052 (For Qatari Residents), +974 44412022 (For Overseas Residents)

Card available for World Cup visitors

All visitors to the country must have a HAYA card in order to enter the country during the FIFA World Cup tournament. No matter if they have a World Cup match ticket, all visitors must apply to HAYA Card during November-December. Haya Card application for ticket holders is currently in progress.

The Haya Card procedures will be made available to non-ticket holders later. This was clarified in the Haya Card portal’s general question and answer section by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (regional organizers of World Cup).

These issues were clarified to answer the question of whether visitors from Qatar, other than ticket holders, and business travelers, require a Haya card to enter the tournament.

According to the website, citizens and non-residents from Gulf Cooperation Council countries must have a Haya Card in order to enter Qatar between November 1, 2023, and January 23, 2023. The authorities also clarified to media that Qatari ID holders will not require a HAYA card for entry to Qatar during the tournament.

Officials recommend that all citizens of the country watch the match and avoid foreign travel during the tournament. Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup between November 21 and December 18. The match will be watched by more than 15 lakh people. https://www.pinterest.com/newsgulfin/

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