A resounding victory for UAE schools in CBSC class 12th exams

A resounding victory for UAE schools in CBSC class 12th exams
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DUBAI: Schools from the UAE have excelled in the CBSC 12th Examination. The majority of schools had a 100% pass rate. This exam was taken by students from more than 100 schools.

Ruwais Asian International Privat School was a great success

ABU DHABI Ruwais Asian International School was a great success. The exam was taken by 94 students. Atharva Tyagi was the top scorer in Science category with 99.4%.

Parthkumar Rajinikanth Ptel (97.6%), and Hiranmayi Gaan (95.8%), also received high marks. Arpit Sharma (94.2%) Ritaja Ghoshal (90.2%), and Hemil Nilesh Mawana (83.0%), are the top-ranked in the commerce category.

100% success at Emirates Future International Academy

Abu Dhabi: Emirates Future International Academy achieved a 100% pass rate in CBSE Class II examination.

Muhammad Wasil Hasib is the top student in the school, scoring 90.4%. High marks were also awarded to Jithu Varghese Ve.Umman (90%), Dakshinya Baliachander Kavitha (90%), and Kesia Jane Neethi (86%).

Dubai Crescent English School, 100% Success Rate

Dubai: Dubai Crescent English School achieved a 100% pass rate for the CBSE 12th Examination. P Suraj (93.4), was first in science section, where 15 students took exam.

Sumeda Chengoth Puthan (92%), Ashik Praveen (85.2%) and Tamir Naushad (85.2%) were also outstanding. Science section.

22 candidates took the Cash V. in Commerce exam. Mago (90.6%) took first place. Hudaif Abubakar (84.3%), and Muhammad Shabin (82.4%) were second and third.

Al Jarf Habitat School is a huge success

Al Jarf Habitat School, Ajman has won the CBSE Class 12th Examination. This examination attracted 113 students. Muhammad Suhail Mansoor Ali secured 97.2% marks in Science category

Took first place in school. Fazil Ahmed Abubakar (95.8% Commerce) and Amit Annil Immati (Science), scored 95.4%.

Principal of Habitat School, Bala Reddy Ambati, stated that this is due to the hard work of students and the support from teachers and parents.

Distinction awarded to 33 students at Ajman International Indian Schools

Ajman: 38 of the 10 Ajman International Indian Schools students who took the CBSE Class 12th examination received distinction. Jiki Thomas and Drishti Jashwant Darjee topped the school with 94.8% marks in Commerce, Matina Shrestha took second place (Commerce) with 94% marks, and Haya Mohammad Shaji (Science) took third place (Science) with 91.6% marks.

High-scoring students were commended by the authorities. Principal Qurat ul Ain stated that this achievement would not have been possible without the support of parents, teachers and dedicated staff.

Excellent success for Ras Al Khaimah Indian Schools

Ras Al Khaimah – Indian School Ras Al Khaimah is back to its previous record of success in the CBSC Class XII exam. The exam saw 85 students taking part in the science section and 45 taking part in the commerce section. Of these, 81 students received distinction while 30 were awarded first class. Krishnandu Shinoi was the top science scorer with 94.6% marks. Abdullah Isa was second with 93.4% marks, while Ayesha Harabhan (and Benjamin Thomas) were third with 93.2% marks.

Anthony K. Sabu received 100 marks in Computer Science. Shakti Darshini was the top commerce category scorer with 94% marks. Muhammed Salifa took second place with 93% marks while Muhammed Bilan was third with 92.8% marks. Wafa and Muhammed Bilan secured 100 marks each in Business Studyseal.

S.A. Salim, Vice Chairmen Asliar and Secretary B. Madhu, School Sec. Abdul Rahim and other management personnel, Principal Sainuddin Perumannil and Vice Principal Dr. Sridevipradeep congratulated students who have achieved high marks and teachers who worked hard. https://www.reddit.com/user/newsgulf/

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