A colorful drone show in Alwatba

A colorful drone show in Alwatba
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ABU DHABI: The Sheikh Zayed Festival’s opening day was unforgettable because hundreds of drones filled Alwatba’s skies with colorful displays. As the drones flew in formation, all eyes turned to the sky. With the drones arranged in a circle, he began with a countdown that showed the numbers 10, 9, 8,…0 in the middle. After welcoming the guests, he wrote Hayakum in Arabic as well as Welcome in English. Alwatba was then silenced by people’s retaliation of shouts and confessions. Advanced technology enabled the lighting of LED lights on drones to enhance the performance.

Later, the logo of the festival appeared in the skies. The spectacle of Arabic coffee (Gava), being poured into a glass to entertain guests was also greeted with enthusiasm. The sight of two horses racing in opposite directions and the patterns of fireworks in the firework made for unforgettable memories. Later, drones evolved from toys to huge wheels. The drones were not only the main attractions in the festival city but also the burgers. The drones disappeared from view after 10 minutes. Spectators waited patiently. Right after, fireworks resembling Thrissur Pooram appeared. 

drone show in Alwatba

The enthusiasm for the event doubled. The fireworks ended after 5 minutes and the fountain show began together. The show was supported by water screens, laser beams and music. The fountain was prepared by more than 600 water generators. Many of these scenes can be captured on mobile phones and saved. Many have shared it with their family. The visitors then moved on to take a closer look around the pavilions. On the opening day, artists from Rajasthan and Punjab graced the India Pavilion. 

A festival featuring artists from 15 different countries was held on 15 stages. The Children’s District was another attraction, and was designed for families with children. 4 lakh flowers from the Netherlands decorate the garden. In addition to daily art feasts, special programs are offered on National Day and Christmas. The cost of a ticket is 5 dirhams. Entry is available from 4PM to 12PM.

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