World Cup: 90 flights take off every hour

World Cup: 90 flights take off every hour
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Doha: Doha’s Hamad international airport and Doha’s Doha international terminal are busy welcoming World Cup fans. The airports receive 90 flights per hour. Badr Mohammad Almeer, Chief Operating Officer at Hamad Airport, stated that both airports were fully equipped to handle visitors and fans.

90 flights take off every hour

The Air Traffic Development Plan has increased the number of flights per hour to 100. There are 17 routes that connect Qatar with its air routes. This will allow for more air traffic, increase safety, and make it easier for aircraft to fly in the air. It can handle three simultaneous take-offs and landings.

The virtual tower streamlines the operation of Hamad Airport’s Qatar Air Control Center. This is the Middle East’s first such system. It can detect blind spots and improve daily air traffic. Remote monitoring and control of aircraft and vehicle traffic is possible. In the first week in September, the Qatar Virtual Tower was operational.

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