6 UAE Government Services That Available on Whatsapp

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has made a range of services available to citizens and residents via WhatsApp, the popular messaging app. Some of the services that can be accessed via WhatsApp include:

Pay for Public Parking in Dubai

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) offers a WhatsApp service, allowing residents to pay for parking through the messaging app. To use this service, residents can add the number +971 58 8009090 to their contact list and send a message in the following format:

(Plate Number) Space (Zone Number) Space (Duration)

For example, if a resident wishes to park their vehicle with plate number ABC-123 in parking zone XYZ for 2 hours, they would send the message “ABC-123 XYZ 2” on WhatsApp.

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The payment can be made either through the resident’s mobile phone balance or added to their bill in case of postpaid numbers or through RTA’s ‘e-Wallet’ account. Once the payment is complete, residents will receive an SMS confirming their parking ticket.

File a Labor Complaint

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) also provides a WhatsApp service. Residents can save 600590000 in their contacts to raise labor-related complaints. This service is available in Arabic and English round the clock.

Apply for a Birth Certificate

Residents can contact the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) at +971 42301221 via WhatsApp for the birth certificate application.

Book a Doctor’s Appointment in Abu Dhabi

The Department of Health (DoH) in Abu Dhabi can be reached by WhatsApp at +971 600 50 2000, and citizens can book a doctor’s appointment from their homes.

Report a Crime in Dubai

Dubai’s citizens can report a crime immediately to the Dubai Police via WhatsApp at +971 800 4888. The victim can share every detail about the crime without hesitation.

Renew Vehicle Registration in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi residents can renew their vehicle registration through the Abu Dhabi Police Department’s WhatsApp service at +971 600 500009.

It is important to note that these services are available in English and the official WhatsApp account of government services are verified the user should make sure that they are communicating with the correct account.

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