33,301 Indian Hajj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia

33,301 Indian Hajj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia
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According to the Indian Hajj Mission 33,301 Hajj pilgrims from India have arrived in Saudi Arabia so far, including Mecca Malayalees. 21.087 of these are in Madinah, while 12214 are in Makkah. In 9 flights, 2077 pilgrims arrived in Saudi Arabia yesterday.

The Madinah group will remain there for eight days before moving on to Makkah. Tomorrow will be the arrival of the last Madinah group, and July 4th will see the departure of the last Jeddah group.

This year, 79,237 Indians were permitted. Of these 56,637 will have to be done by the Hajj Committee, and 22600 by the private Hajj Group.https://hajcommittee.gov.in/

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