25 people get married in Abu Dhabi every day!

25 people get married in Abu Dhabi every day!
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Abu Dhabi: Every hour, 4 foreigners marry in Abu Dhabi. 25 people each day. In the past 8 months, Abu Dhabi Judicial Department registered 2200 marriage applications. After the Emirate Civil Marriage Law was implemented, the Civil Family Court published the statistics.

According to the report, there was a 100 percent rise in the number married couples over the past three months. The report also shows that petitioners are increasing in areas such as divorce, marriage and property disputes every day since the Personal Law for non Muslim foreigners was passed in the Emirate. Abu Dhabi is the only Arab city to have passed a personal legislation for foreigners.

As the number of marriages increases, so does the number of divorces. 95 petitions were filed with the family court within 8 months of the law’s implementation. Many marriages did not even last 8 months. 820 people applied to the court for legalization of the will. The court hears 65 property disputes cases and 145 applications for birth certificates and guardianship certificates.

Major hazards removed from divorce proceedings in Abu Dhabi

Petitioners are not allowed to come in person, as court proceedings can be done electronically. Participation via videoconference To avoid any language barriers for foreigners, court proceedings can be conducted both in Arabic and English. Both languages are available for the execution of judgment. Yousef Saeed Al Abri is the Under-Secretary for the Judicial Department. He stated that the dual language system was designed to make it easy for people to understand the court’s decisions. Major hurdles have been removed from divorce proceedings.

Within 30 days of the filing of the application, the case will be called. In a single sitting, the verdict will also be announced. The trial is short, there is no family counseling and no time for reconsideration. The entire procedure can be completed within one day. The parents will share custody of the child. 65 cases are being considered to determine the right to succession to the property.

Half of the property in an emirate will be divided equally between the spouse and children upon the death of a foreigner. The figures also show that the number of succession cases has increased by 125% in the past three months.

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